All-natural hemp formula with 700mg total cannabinoids, CBD, CBG, and CBN to support resilience and balance. Olah cartridges are made with all ceramic free of glues or harmful chemicals. Designed to deliver quality, consistency and a clean vaporizing experience to help you unwind and reach your potential self. The hardware is compatible with most vaporizer batteries. Crystal resistant distillate: THC-free highly refined hemp extract that contains broad-spectrum cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN) Plant-based terpenes: natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants.

  • THC Free – Ultra refined to remove all THC
  • No Fillers – No PG, VG, MCT, or any other harmful solvents. EVER
  • Broad Spectrum – 700mg active Cannabinoids. 490mg CBD, 180mg CBG, and 30mg CBN
  • 100% Ceramic – Medical grade ceramic, no metals, plastics, glues, polishes
  • No Heavy Metals – Passes 30-day California heavy Metal testing
  • Recycling Program – We will pay for you to send your vaporizers to our recycle partner